E290A384 Asco Solenoid Valves

The 1/2" Asco Pressure Operated Valves, with their E290A384 model, feature a robust bronze construction and operate as 2/2 normally closed valves. These valves are designed to provide precise control and shutoff in a variety of applications, offering reliable performance even under challenging conditions. With their 1/2" size, they are versatile and suitable for managing fluid flow, making them a valuable component for applications requiring precise fluid control in industries such as manufacturing, process automation, and more. Whether it's for regulating air, inert gases, water, or other compatible fluids, these valves offer dependable performance and consistent reliability.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the E290A384 Asco Solenoid Valve

Key Features

This valve offers a diverse selection of piston-type operators in various diameters, including 32, 50, 63, 90, and 125 mm. What sets these operators apart is their 360° rotatability, which allows for maximum performance under different minimum pilot pressure conditions.

Key Features

The valve incorporates a high-performance stuffing box that operates with minimal maintenance requirements. This stuffing box ensures the valve's reliable and efficient performance over time. By reducing maintenance efforts and costs, users can enjoy a longer, trouble-free servi

Key Features

The valve satisfies the strict safety and quality standards outlined in the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. For larger sizes with a diameter nominal (DN) greater than 25, it falls under category 1, signifying its robust construction and suitability for handling high pressures.

E290A384 Specifications

Body Material: Bronze
Flow (Kv): 4.90
Function: 2/2 Normally Closed
Max Ambient Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Fluid Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Fluid Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 Bar
Orifice Size: 15.000 MM
Pipe Size: 1/2"
Port Connection: G1/2

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E290A384 FAQs

This valve is suitable for various applications, including controlling air, inert gas, water, oil, and other compatible gases or liquids.
Yes, this valve is designed to handle relatively high operating pressures, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
It is compatible with ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, offering versatility for different fluid types.
To determine the suitability of this valve for your temperature range, check the valve body and solenoid pilot valves' specifications. For more precise information on its performance in your specific conditions, contact a member of our team.
The valve comes with standard pipe connections, which include G* threads complying with ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1.

E290A384 Installation

The installation process for these valves is designed for user convenience and reliability. They can be mounted in any orientation without compromising their operational effectiveness, offering flexibility in positioning. These valves are also compatible with a range of oils, including ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, making them suitable for a variety of applications. It is advisable to check the temperature range of the valve body and solenoid pilot valves to ensure they are suitable for your specific requirements. If you have any concerns or need to assess the probability of failure, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. The pipe connections on these valves utilise a standard combination thread conforming to ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, for your convenience, each valve is supplied with comprehensive installation and maintenance instructions, ensuring that you have the guidance needed for proper setup and ongoing care.

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Asco E290A384 Solenoid Valves