E290A395 Asco Solenoid Valves

The E290A395 Asco Solenoid Valve is a versatile and dependable solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of diverse industrial applications. Renowned for its precision and robust construction, this valve excels at controlling the flow of liquids or gases, making it a crucial component in systems where precise fluid management is essential. With a strong emphasis on reliability, quick response times, and extended service life, it stands as a trustworthy asset in applications demanding accurate and rapid fluid control. Its adaptability and compatibility with a wide range of media make it a valuable choice for various industrial settings, ensuring efficient and dependable operation in fluid control applications.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the E290A395 Asco Solenoid Valve

Key Features

This solenoid valve boasts a comprehensive selection of piston-type operators, ranging from 32 mm to 125 mm in diameter. What sets it apart is the remarkable ability to rotate these operators through a full 360 degrees, allowing for precise control of fluid flow at varying minimum pilot pressures.

Key Features

At the heart of this valve lies a high-performance stuffing box that not only delivers outstanding durability and reliability but also requires minimal maintenance. This innovative design minimizes the need for frequent checks and adjustments, reducing downtime and enhancing the valve's long-term dependability.

Key Features

The E290A395 solenoid valve proudly complies with the rigorous standards of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. It falls under category 1 for valve sizes exceeding DN 25 or aligns with article 4.3 for valve sizes equal to or less than DN 25. This compliance underscores the valve's commitment to safety, quality, and performance.

E290A395 Specifications

Body Material: Stainless Steel
Flow (Kv): 12.8
Function: 2/2 Normally Closed
Max Ambient Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Fluid Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Operating Pressure: 6 Bar
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Fluid Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 Bar
Orifice Size: 25.000 MM
Pipe Size: 1"
Port Connection: G1
Disc/Plate: PTFE

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E290A395 FAQs

Solenoid valves control the flow of fluids or gases in various applications by using an electromagnetic coil to open or close a valve mechanism.
Most solenoid valves are designed for flexible mounting in any orientation, but it's important to confirm this for specific models.
This valve is compatible with ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, which is crucial for applications involving various oil types. Understanding this compatibility ensures effective operation.
This valve uses standard combination threads conforming to ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1, simplifying installation and ensuring compatibility with common industry fittings.
Some solenoid valves are designed for hazardous environments and may carry certifications. Ensure the valve meets the specific requirements of your application's environment and regulations.

E290A395 Installation

The installation process for this valve is exceptionally versatile, as it allows mounting in any orientation without compromising operational efficiency. It's worth noting that this valve is compatible with ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, making it suitable for a wide range of fluid applications. To ensure suitability, it's crucial to assess the temperature range of both the valve body and the solenoid pilot valves, ensuring they align with your specific operational conditions. For assistance in evaluating the probability of failure in your application, our expert team is readily available for consultation.

The pipe connections are designed with standard combination threads conforming to ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1, simplifying the installation process and guaranteeing compatibility with commonly used industry fittings. Moreover, each valve comes complete with comprehensive installation and maintenance instructions, providing essential guidance for a seamless setup and ongoing care, thereby enhancing the valve's longevity and performance.

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Asco E290A395 Solenoid Valves