High Performance Wafer Actreg Actuated Butterfly Valves

The Colossus Series offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point, making them perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. These metal seated valves feature double offset construction which allows them to handle higher operating pressures. Utilising dual flange drillings and offering multiple drive inserts the Actreg pneumatic actuator allows for greater versatility when mounting to ball and butterfly valves. In particular our TTV Butterfly Valve. This eliminates requirements for additional mounting brackets reducing costs, weight and lead time.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the Colossus Actreg Wafer Actuated High Performance Butterfly Valves.

Key Features

High-performance Metal Seated Double Offset Butterfly Valves are designed for use in exceptionally harsh conditions with critical shutoff isolation and throttling control applications for both gases and liquids.

Key Features

Whether your application requires an actuator to be perform hundred or cycles per day or a unit that may be operations several per month the Actreg actuator is there when you need it with the ability to instantly respond when tasked or spring fail closed upon air or signal failure.

Key Features

Optional installation for both across line. The design of the Actreg actuator allows for both setups depending on application requirements where space saving may be required. A typical inline mounting would be for uses involving hopper line actuation and bagging lines.

High Perfromance Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Technical

2" 84.50 258.00 153.50 84.50 258.00 153.50 TBA 43.00
2.5" 93.00 270.00 203.50 93.00 270.00 203.50 TBA 46.00
3" 106.50 291.00 241.00 106.50 291.00 241.00 TBA 46.00
4" 108.50 312.00 259.00 108.50 312.00 259.00 TBA 52.00
5" 135.00 380.00 304.00 135.00 380.00 304.00 TBA 56.00
6" 166.00 452.50 394.50 166.00 452.50 394.50 TBA 56.00
8" 181.00 525.70 422.50 181.00 525.70 422.50 TBA 60.00
10" 221.50 580.70 528.00 221.50 580.70 528.00 TBA 68.00
12" 262.00 680.70 605.00 262.00 680.70 605.00 TBA 78.00
14" 262.00 664.70 605.00 262.00 664.70 605.00 TBA 78.00
16" 330.00 TBA 710.00 330.00 TBA 710.00 TBA 102.00

High Performance Wafer Type Butterfly Valve 3D Stuff

Need More Dimensions?

No time for fancy software or your tekkers are just pretty substandard? We offer a full technical drawing service for our actuated valves. The Artists are ready to draw. Tell us what you need.

Actreg Actuator Valve Testing & Calibration

All actuated valve assemblies are fully tested and calibrated in house prior to packing and shipping from our expert team of technical engineers. This means that when they arrive at site, you're immediately ready to install and get your production back up and running.

4-20mA Control Available On This Product

The BLX V100E Series is an Electro-Pneumatic control unit that allows the Actuator to incrementally adjust the Valve's position between the fully open and closed cycle. Product variants are available for spring return and double acting setups with feedback and safety settings. Ask our team today about how the V100E can help with your process requirements.

Valve Standards & Stuff

Body Material: Stainless Steel CF8M, Cast/Carbon Steel A216 WCB
Disc Materials: Stainless steel (CF-8M)
Shaft Materials: Stainless Steel F-316
Design: API 609, ASME B16.34, MSS SP-67, EN 593, Nace MR 0175
Inspection & Testing: ISO 5208 / API 598
Connections: ISO 5752 series 20, BS 5155 series 4, DIN PN 10/16/25, ANSI 150/300
Seat Materials: Soft seat: R-PTFE (-50ºC / +220ºC), Hard seat: F-316L (-100ºC / +500ºC)
Applications: Chemical, Vacuum, LPG/LNG, Hydrocarbons, Steam, Gas, Bitumen, Thermal Oil

Frequent Interrogation

The valve is suitable for almost all chemical applications. Send in an email of pick up the phone. One of our super tech guys will check it over for you.

We can. The final is product customizable at the bottom of the page! Have a look down there or get us on 0151 547 1221. We have everything from Safe Area to ATEX in multiple voltages.

It certainly does. All of our PTFE butterfly valves come complete with a full set of operations and maintenance manuals from the manufacturer.

Yes we can. If you cant find what you are looking for on the website get in touch. We have valve switch boxes for all zoned and safe areas including LED visual indication.

Maybe. Give us a call to find out.

Metal - Metal Seat complies with BS 6755 Part 2 or API 6FA/607 (Fire Safety). Valve only.

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Yes we can. Plane label or with a big bow. Send us a copy of your delivery note and we will fix it to the box. Job done.

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TopWorx Limit Switch Box

TopWorx Valve Limit Switch Box available for this product. Enable remote Valve monitoring of your High Performance Butterfly Valves with a world leading Valve Position Monitor. Safe Area, Explosion Proof, Intrinsically Safe. All available from stock with fitting and calibration to your Pneumatic Actuator prior to shipping.
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High Performance Wafer Actreg Actuated Butterfly Valves