PTFE Lined Bettis Actuated Butterfly Valves

The TTV Wafer Pattern Full PTFE Lined Actuated Butterfly Valves are mainly used for highly corrosive applications that require optimum material resistance as well as clean or food grade requirements. Wafer Pattern concentric design features a non-toxic PTFE internal seal which also partially covers the outer body of the valve for perfect sealing with counter flanges.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the 20WP4040F0TBE Actuated Butterfly Valve.

Key Features

Independently tested to include LOCA (Loss of Cooling Accident), meeting IEEE 382 standards, seismic qualifications, and various aging processes required to adhere to current nuclear qualification criteria, Bettis ensures robust performance in demanding nuclear environments. Its rigorous testing and compliance guarantee reliability and safety, meeting the stringent standards essential for nuclear applications today.

Key Features

These valves avoid any possibility of cross-contamination and provide a butterfly valve that is extremely resistant to chemicals and solvents with complete insolubility to 300°C.

Key Features

With robust environmental protection features, including an IP68-rated control enclosure, IP67M-rated hydraulic actuator, and IP68-rated motor, the system ensures reliable operation even in harsh conditions. This level of protection safeguards critical components from dust, water, and other environmental factors, prolonging the system's lifespan and minimising maintenance requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bettis range is designed to handle pneumatic media for optimal performance.

Pneumatic actuators in the Bettis range typically operate within a supply pressure range suitable for pneumatic actuation.

The Bettis range offers fail-safe, quarter-turn, spring-return, and double-acting actuation options to suit various application requirements.

The Bettis range is certified with ATEX and PED certifications, ensuring compliance with European safety standards.

Bettis actuators support on/off control for efficient and straightforward operation.

Bettis actuators are compatible with various valve types, including ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, triple offset valves, and other quarter-turn devices.

The standard operating temperature range for Bettis actuators is from -20°F to +200°F (-29°C to +93°C), with optional ranges available to -40°F (-40°C) or up to +350°F (+177°C).

Bettis actuators boast a torque/thrust capacity of up to 1,200,000 lbf-in (135,000 Nm), ensuring robust performance across a range of applications.

The standard operating pressure for Bettis actuators is either 60 or 80 psig (4 or 5.5 Bar), providing optimal performance within specified parameters.

Yes, Bettis actuators offer optional temperature ranges to accommodate extreme temperature environments, ensuring reliable operation in diverse conditions.

Yes, Bettis actuators offer fail-safe actuation options, providing added reliability and safety for critical applications.

Yes, Bettis actuators are designed for straightforward integration with various valve types and control systems, facilitating seamless automation of industrial processes


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Full PTFE Lined Pneumatic Bettis Actuated Butterfly Valves