TROVIS 6620 Type I/O Module

The TROVIS 6620 I/O Module, crafted for integration with the YTOVIS 6610 CPU Module, enables the capture and dispatch of both analogue and digital signals from sensors to control valves. It provides 20 channels, comprising 10 universal inputs that accommodate either analogue or binary signals, and includes functionalities for signal processing like Pt 1000 inputs, binary inputs accompanied by LED status indicators, and outputs suited for both binary and analogue signals.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of TROVIS 6620 Type I/O Module

Key Features

Specifically designed for seamless compatibility with the YTOVIS 6610 CPU Module, ensuring a unified and efficient control system operation.

Key Features

Offers 20 channels that include 10 universal inputs, capable of handling both analogue or binary signals, facilitating flexible and diverse signal processing needs.

Key Features

Features enhanced signal processing options, including Pt 1000 inputs for precise temperature measurements, and binary inputs with LED status indicators for real-time monitoring.

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TROVIS 6620 Type I / O Module