Aluminium Base Intrinsically Safe Switchbox With Intregal Solenoid

TrewFit Controls' Switchboxes stand out due to their intrinsically safe design, which goes above and beyond industry safety standards. TrewFit guarantees that their Switchboxes provide an exceptional level of safety. This intrinsic safety feature is crucial in safeguarding users in potentially risky environments. The integration of solenoids within TrewFit's Switchboxes represents a significant advancement in valve automation, TrewFit not only streamlines the overall design but also enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of valve operations.

LSS-N2IARNM1A1 Aluminium Base Intrinsically Safe Switchbox

TrewFit Controls' Switchboxes are distinguished by their intrinsically safe design, surpassing industry safety standards and ensuring exceptional user protection in hazardous environments. The integration of solenoids represents a significant leap in valve automation, streamlining design and enhancing operational efficiency. This innovative approach showcases TrewFit's commitment to safety and their pioneering spirit in advancing valve control technology.

Housing Materials: Base: Aluminium (Powder Coated). Lid: Co-Polyester. Shaft: Stainless Steel. O-rings: Nitrile. Seals: Nitrile.
Electrical Entries: 2 x M20
Mounting: VDI/VDE3845 (Namur)
Enclosure: IP 68
Sensor Type: Proximity 2-Wire NC
Nominal Voltage: 8,2 VDC
Current Consumption: = 3 mA (Not Detected) / = 1 nA (Detected)
Solenoid Materials: Housing: Anodised Aluminium. Seals: Polyurethane & Nitrile
Solenoid Connections: In/Out: 1/4" BSP. Exhaust: 1/8" BSP
Solenoid Flow Rate: 900 l/min @ 6 Bar
Solenoid Operating Pressure: 150 to 800 KPA
Solenoid Temperature Rating/Voltage -5 to 50°C / 24 VDC
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Aluminium Base Polycarbonate Lid Intrinsically Safe Integral Solenoid