AV-L5K00P16DN0100JJ110VAC Actuated Ball Valves Flanged 3 Way Full Bore Stainless Steel A351 CF8M Straight Through Electric 110VAC Multi Voltage JJ

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Product Description

The 3-Way diverter valve features a direct mount actuation pad for quick and easy automation. This allows us to get products out of the door to you quicker whilst also reducing the overall footprint of package and most importantly wight and cost. J&J Electric Valve Actuator comes with a robust manual override handle that provides a reliable mechanical backup in the event of a power failure. This safety feature allows you to switch between open and closed positions until systems or power is restored. 3-Way Ball Valves are available as an L Port or T Port can be used in heating and hot water applications to regulate temperature. The valves control the flow of liquid passing through them to either allow flow in one direction or another, or divert flow from one path to another.

Technical Specs

Valve Size 4"
Connections Flanged
Pressure Design PN16
Body Design 3 Way Full Bore
Body Material Stainless Steel A351 CF8M
Ball Design Straight Through
Seat Material PTFE 1600
Actuator Function Power Open Power Close
Actuator Type Electric
Actuator Housing Polyamide
Power 110VAC Multi Voltage
Manual Override Handle
IP Rating IP67
Part Number AV-L5K00P16DN0100JJ110VAC
Brand Kingdom
Actuator Brand J+J
F2F Dimension 352
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