Rotork ROM Electric Actuators

The Rotork ROM is offered in two configurations: as a standalone analogue unit or as an integral part of a fully-networked site system integration. This grants end users the flexibility to achieve comprehensive site standardization. Rotork demonstrates a strong commitment to social, ethical, and environmental responsibility, ensuring that CSR principles are integrated into all aspects of their operations. They also adopt a global perspective on CSR, prioritizing the respect and well-being of employees in diverse international settings. Actuation Valve is known for its efficient service, delivering prompt turnaround times without compromising on quality or expertise. Furthermore, every order includes a detailed two-page test report outlining the opening and closing times for each tested valve.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Rotork ROM Electric Actuators.

Key Features

The Rotork ROM electric actuator offers a compact, lightweight, and economical solution for a wide range of industrial automation requirements. Engineered for straightforward installation and user-friendly operation, it streamlines your project, ultimately saving both time and money.

Key Features

The Rotork ROM electric actuator is equipped with a manual override function, enabling the operator to manage process movement in situations where power is either unavailable or has experienced a failure. This crucial safety attribute ensures prompt response for critical equipment during emergencies, eliminating the need to wait for power restoration.

Key Features

The Rotork ROM electric actuator provides an optimal balance in temperature versatility. It functions effectively within ambient temperatures spanning from -30 to +70 ºC, rendering it well-suited for a multitude of challenging environments. Furthermore, it exhibits a broader temperature range in comparison to alternative actuators.

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Rotork Actuators 

Butterfly Valves are used to control fluids, including water, air, gases, and corrosive chemicals. Their wide range of applications suit industries including HVAC, Water Treatamnet, Food & Beverage, Chemical or Oil & Gas.

A double-offset butterfly valve features two distinct offsets in the design to reduce wear and improve sealing performance. Double offset butterfly valves are ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Redcued actuation cost is provided by lower torque values.


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