Actuation Valve Marine Industry

Actuation Valve have extensive experience working within the Marine and Offshore Industry sectors providing quality product solutions for some of the most remote and demanding environments. Having established relationships and distribution agreements with some Europe’s leading non ferrous Valve Manufacturers, we have built up comprehensive UK stock availability for Valves, Actuators, Strainers & Ancillary items.

Construction materials including Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Titanium, Duplex, Monel and additional High Alloy materials make Actuation Valve the first choice supplier to many leading Marine based companies with the ability to deliver rapid solutions for almost any application.

We are proud of our long standing support to the UK MOD, working with a World leading OEM for Fire Protection Systems used throughout the Naval Fleet. It is this quality of work that has seen Actuation Valve chosen time and again where performance, safety and reliability is key. Below are an example of some of our core Marine work and capabilities.

Floating Production, Storage & Offloading

Floating Production, Storage & Offloading units are used within the Oil & Gas Industry for the production and processing of Hydrocarbons and storage of Oil until it can be offloaded onto a Tanker, or less commonly, transported via a pipeline. FPSO vessels can be converted from previous Oil Tankers or purpose built for frontier offshore regions since they do not require a local pipeline infrastructure for transportation. Actuation Valve’s work within FPSO include Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems, Wastewater, Potable Water, Cooling & Ballast.

Marine Services

General Marine services can include work for a number of various applications including Fire Protections Sprinkler Systems, Wastewater, Potable Water, Cooling & Ballast, HVAC, Ship Side Valves and Ballast Systems. Ballast Systems are tank designed holding chambers within the hull of a ship or floating structure that hold water to provide greater stability. Modern day Ballast Systems enable much greater and flexible control with pumps able to quickly reduce or increase the draft of the vessel when entering shallow water or harbours.


Desalination is common practice amongst the Marine related Industries where sea (Saltwater) is desalinated to produce potable, drinking water for human consumption. Actuation Valve have provided numerous project Valve & Actuator supplies for Desalination over the past 20 years, working closely with Quality European Manufacturers such as Mariani, TTV, Air Torque & Koei. With high energy costs required for such installations, it is paramount that products used remain reliable, low maintenance and long lasting. Actuation Valve provide fit and forget solutions for this very reason.

Naval Vessels

Actuation Valve have worked alongside a World Leading OEM to design some of the most reliable Fire Protection systems available within the Marine Industry to date. Our team of Design Engineers have developed innovative products and solutions so extreme, our Electric Actuators are shock tested to 70 Horizontal & 30 Bar Vertical to provide continuos Valve operation support in the event of a torpedo hit. Current serving units include all Type 45 Destroyer Ships & HMS Queen Elizabeth/Prince Of Wales Aircraft Carriers.