E290A393 Asco Solenoid Valves

The E290A393 Asco Solenoid Valves, manufactured by Asco, a renowned name in fluid automation solutions, offer dependable and adaptable fluid control for a wide range of industrial applications. These valves are engineered for reliability and efficiency, featuring a robust design and advanced solenoid technology to ensure consistent and effective regulation of liquids and gases. They are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, making them an indispensable component in industries like manufacturing and energy production.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the E290A393 Asco Solenoid Valve

Key Features

These solenoid valves boast an extensive selection of piston-type operators with diameters ranging from 32 to 125 mm, all of which can be effortlessly rotated a full 360°. This exceptional versatility allows for peak performance across a variety of minimum pilot pressure requirements.

Key Features

These valves are equipped with a high-performance stuffing box that not only excels in its operation but also significantly reduces the need for frequent maintenance. The result is an extended operational lifespan, reduced downtime, and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Key Features

These solenoid valves are designed to meet the stringent standards outlined in the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. They are classified as Category 1 for valves with a diameter greater than 25 mm or as Article 4.3 for those with a diameter of 25 mm or less.

E290A393 Specifications

Body Material: Stainless Steel
Flow (Kv): 4.9
Function: 2/2 Normally Closed
Max Ambient Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Fluid Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Fluid Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 Bar
Orifice Size: 15.000 MM
Pipe Size: 1/2"
Port Connection: G1/2

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E290A393 FAQs

This valve is compatible with ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, providing versatility for various applications.
Yes, the valve can be mounted in any position without affecting its operation, offering flexibility during installation.
To ensure suitability, you should verify the temperature range of both the valve body and solenoid pilot valves according to the provided specifications.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding the probability of valve failure. Our experts will be happy to assist you.
The valve features pipe connections (G*) with a standard combination thread compliant with ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free connection.
The valve's suitability for high-temperature applications depends on its specified temperature range. Refer to the product documentation for precise details.
The valve's compatibility with specific fluids should be verified in the product documentation. It's essential to ensure the valve is constructed from materials that can withstand aggressive or corrosive substances.
The valve's lifespan can vary based on factors like usage, operating conditions, and maintenance. Proper care and regular maintenance can extend the valve's service life.

E290A393 Installation

The valves we offer boast a remarkable flexibility when it comes to installation. Regardless of the orientation you choose, these valves will perform flawlessly, ensuring that you have the freedom to integrate them seamlessly into your system. Furthermore, they have been engineered to be fully compatible with ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. However, before commencing the installation, it is crucial to conduct a thorough assessment of the temperature range of both the valve body and the solenoid pilot valves to ensure that they align with your specific operational requirements. For any inquiries related to the likelihood of failure or to seek expert guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our team; we are here to assist you every step of the way.

In terms of the connection process, our valves feature pipe connections (G*) equipped with a standard combination thread in accordance with ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1, simplifying the installation process and guaranteeing a secure and reliable connection. We understand the importance of a smooth installation experience, and to support you further, each valve comes with comprehensive installation and maintenance instructions. These instructions are designed to provide you with all the guidance and information you need to ensure that your valves are optimally installed and maintained, thereby maximising their efficiency and lifespan in your system.

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Asco E290A393 Solenoid Valves