E290A792 Asco Solenoid Valves

The 3/8" Asco Pressure Operated Valves E290A792, constructed from stainless steel and featuring a normally closed (NC) piston design, represent a high-performance solution for applications requiring precise pressure control. These valves offer exceptional flow capacity, ensuring efficient operation across a range of industrial settings. Notably, they are SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certified, reflecting their reliability and suitability for safety-critical processes. These valves combine precision, durability, and a compact form factor to meet the stringent demands of industries where accurate pressure regulation is paramount, making them an excellent choice for various applications in the field.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the E290A792 Asco Solenoid Valve

Key Features

These valves offer a diverse selection of piston-type operators with diameters ranging from 32mm to 125mm. What sets them apart is the ability to rotate through a full 360-degree arc, ensuring optimal performance across a spectrum of minimum pilot pressure requirements.

Key Features

At the core of these valves lies a high-performance design, combined with a maintenance-free stuffing box. This integral component ensures reliable and consistent operation, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and upkeep.

Key Features

These valves adhere to the stringent standards set by the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Specifically, they are certified for category 1 applications with a nominal diameter (DN) greater than 25, as well as article 4.3 for DN values equal to or less than 25.

E290A792 Specifications

Body Material: Stainless Steel
Flow (Kv): 4.1
Function: 2/2 Normally Closed
Max Ambient Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Fluid Temperature: 184.00°C
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Fluid Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 Bar
Orifice Size: 15.000 MM
Pipe Size: 1/2"
F2F MM: 65MM

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E290A792 FAQs

Solenoid valves are devices designed to control the flow of fluids or gases in various applications by using an electromagnetic coil to open or close a valve mechanism.
Many solenoid valves, including this one, offer the flexibility of being mounted in any orientation without compromising their operation, ensuring adaptability to diverse applications and system configurations.
Solenoid valves vary in compatibility, with some suitable for a wide range of fluids, including oils, water, gases, and more. Understanding this compatibility is crucial for efficient operation.
Assessing the temperature range is essential to ensure the valve's performance and longevity in specific conditions. It's advisable to consult the manufacturer for guidance and to inquire about the probability of failure.
This valve employs standard combination threads according to ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1 for its pipe connections, ensuring compatibility with commonly used industry fittings.
Solenoid valves are energy-efficient because they consume power only when changing their state (open or closed). When not actively operating, they remain in a low-power, stand-by mode.

E290A792 Installation

The installation process for these valves offers unparalleled flexibility as they can be securely mounted in any position without compromising their operational efficiency. Additionally, these valves are compatible with ASTM 1, 2, and 3 oils, making them versatile for a wide range of applications. To ensure suitability for specific temperature requirements, it's advisable to check the temperature range of both the valve body and solenoid pilot valves. For more detailed information regarding the probability of failure, it is recommended to reach out to us directly.

The pipe connections of these valves are equipped with standard combination threads adhering to ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1, ensuring compatibility with commonly used industry fittings. For the convenience of end-users, comprehensive installation and maintenance instructions are thoughtfully included with each valve, serving as a valuable resource for proper setup and ongoing care, ultimately enhancing the longevity and performance of these valves.

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Asco E290A792 Solenoid Valves