Spring Return Electric Actuated Ball Valves

Schischek spring return electric actuators epitomise a cutting-edge solution for valve automation, featuring a compact, robust, and lightweight design tailored for applications in hazardous environments. Engineered to operate seamlessly in Ex areas dealing with gases, mists, vapors, and dust, these electric part-turn valve actuators offer a reliable and secure performance.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Spring Return Electric Actuated Ball Valves.

Key Features

The on/off duty functionality ensures that the Schischek actuators are well-suited for applications requiring straightforward start-stop operations. This feature facilitates precise control, making them ideal for scenarios where a valve needs to be fully open or fully closed.

Key Features

The 24 - 240 VAC/VDC universal power supply capability provides the advantage of compatibility with a wide range of power sources. This flexibility is crucial in diverse industrial settings where power specifications may vary.

Key Features

The inclusion of standard ISO flanges simplifies the installation process, enabling seamless integration into existing systems. This standardisation enhances the ease of maintenance and replacement of components.

Key Features

The torque range of 5 to 150 Nm (3.7 to 110.6 lbf.ft) offers versatility, allowing these actuators to handle various valve sizes and types. This adaptability makes them suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across industries.

Key Features

Designed to meet international explosionproof standards, these actuators ensure the highest level of safety in environments where the risk of explosion is a concern. This feature is crucial for industries dealing with flammable substances.

Key Features

The availability of a fail-safe option adds an extra layer of security to the system. In the event of power failure or system issues, the fail-safe mechanism ensures that the valve returns to a predetermined safe position, mitigating potential hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Schischek spring return electric actuator is a specialised device designed for controlling part-turn valves in challenging environments. Known for its compact, robust, and lightweight design, this actuator is specifically engineered to operate safely in areas where there may be a risk of explosive atmospheres, such as those containing gases, mists, vapors, and dust.

The actuator supports a versatile power supply ranging from 24 to 240 volts, both alternating current (VAC) and direct current (VDC). This universal power supply capability enhances flexibility and makes it compatible with a wide range of electrical systems.

The Schischek actuator operates on on/off duty as standard. This means it is well-suited for applications where valves need to be rapidly opened or closed, providing an effective solution for various industrial processes.

The actuator is designed to cover a torque range from 5 to 150 Newton-meters (3.7 to 110.6 pound-feet). This versatility in torque output makes it applicable to a diverse set of valve types and sizes.

Yes, the actuator comes with the option of standard ISO flanges. These flanges facilitate easy and standardised mounting of the actuator onto compatible valves, streamlining the installation process.

Absolutely. The Schischek actuator is explosion-proof, adhering to international standards for hazardous environments. This feature ensures that the actuator can operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres without compromising on performance or safety.

Yes, the actuator offers a fail-safe option. This means that in the event of a power failure or other critical failure, the actuator will return to a predefined safe position. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the overall system in emergency situations.

The Schischek actuator features an impressive IP66/67 Ingress Protection rating. This high level of protection against dust and water ingress ensures the durability and reliability of the actuator in harsh environmental conditions.

Yes, the actuator is available in UL and CSA certified variants. These certifications validate that the actuator meets specific safety and performance standards, ensuring its suitability for use in North American markets.

Yes, the actuator is equipped with an auto-setup feature. This functionality simplifies the installation and configuration process, reducing the time and effort required for commissioning.

Yes, the actuator provides the flexibility of selectable speeds during operation. This feature allows users to adjust the actuator's speed based on the specific requirements of their application.

Yes, the actuator includes a mechanical position indication feature. This allows operators and maintenance personnel to visually confirm the valve's position, aiding in troubleshooting and system monitoring.


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Spring Return Electric Actuated Valves

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