MasterStar Ball Valves

The Master Star Starline Ball Valve stands as a stalwart component within the realms of Chemical, Petroleum, and Petrochemical industries, serving as a pivotal element in fluid control systems. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this valve boasts a sophisticated 3-piece body design, offering versatile connectivity options including screwed, welded, and flanged connections. Functioning seamlessly within the medium to low-pressure spectrum delineated by Starline, the Super Star Starline Ball Valve exemplifies resilience and efficacy. Capable of withstanding pressures reaching up to and including Class 800LB (PN100), it epitomises robustness in demanding operational environments.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of MasterStar Ball Valves.

Key Features

The Master Star Starline Ball Valve presents a 3-piece body design, allowing for flexible connectivity through screwed, welded, or flanged connections. This versatility enables seamless integration into a variety of fluid control systems, catering to the diverse needs of the Chemical, Petroleum, and Petrochemical industries.

Key Features

Engineered to excel in demanding operational conditions, the Super Star Starline Ball Valve boasts exceptional resilience to high pressures, withstanding up to Class 800LB (PN100). Additionally, its impressive temperature range capability from -200 to 260 degrees Celsius ensures reliable performance across a wide spectrum of thermal environments, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Key Features

With sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1 1/2” for Full Bore Ball Valves and 1/2” to 2” for Reduced Bore variants, the Master Star Starline Ball Valve offers a comprehensive size range to accommodate various system specifications. This broad range underscores its adaptability and suitability for diverse industrial applications, providing reliable fluid control solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Valve Standards & Stuff

Size: DN8 - DN50 (3/8" - 2")
Body Material: ASTM A105 - LF2 - 316 - 316L - and Special Materials
Design Standard: ASME B16.34 - ASME B31.1 - BS5351 - P.E.D. 97/23/EC - ATEX 94/9 CE
Temperature: -200°C UP TO + 260°C
Applications: Petroleum, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Allied Industries
Test Certificate: UNI EN 10204 Type 3.1B

Frequent Interrogation

Starline Ultra Star Ball Valves are distinguished by their advanced features, including an anti-blowout proof stem design, double seal soft insert seats, and automatic relieving in case of over-pressuring. These features ensure enhanced safety, reliability, and performance in fluid control applications.

The anti-blowout proof stem design of Starline Ultra Star Ball Valves prevents stem ejection under pressure, minimising the risk of accidents or damage during operation. This feature ensures that the valve remains securely in place, even under high-pressure conditions.

The double seal soft insert seats provide superior sealing performance and leakage prevention, enhancing the valve's reliability and longevity. This design ensures tight sealing, even in demanding industrial environments, thereby reducing the risk of fluid leaks and minimizing maintenance requirements.

The automatic relieving feature in Starline Ball Valves activates in case of over-pressuring within the valve body, automatically relieving excess pressure to prevent damage or failure. This functionality ensures system integrity and uninterrupted operation, safeguarding equipment and personnel.

The three-piece bolted construction facilitates easy maintenance and servicing of Starline Ultra Star Ball Valves, allowing for quick disassembly and reassembly. This feature streamlines maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

Starline Ball Valves are designed to provide high-integrity shut-off at both low and high pressures, ensuring reliable performance across a wide range of operating conditions. This capability enhances process control and system safety in various industrial applications.

The double block and bleed feature in Starline Ball Valves allows for isolation and verification of fluid flow, providing added safety and security in critical processes. This functionality enables operators to maintain control over fluid flow and monitor system integrity effectively.

The floating seats spring energised design ensures consistent sealing and enhanced reliability in Starline Ball Valves. This feature enables the seats to adjust to variations in pressure and temperature, maintaining tight sealing and preventing leakage over time.

The ISO 5211 top cover flange provides a standardised interface for easy automation of Starline Ball Valves, facilitating seamless integration with actuation systems. This feature simplifies valve operation and control, enhancing overall system efficiency and performance.

Yes, Starline Ball Valves are fire test approved, ensuring compliance with industry standards for fire safety. This certification underscores the valves' ability to withstand high-temperature environments and maintain operational integrity during fire emergencies.

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Construction Key Features

  • Three-Piece Body Design: The three-piece body construction of Master Star Ball Valves not only facilitates easy maintenance and repair but also offers inherent advantages in terms of durability and reliability. This design allows for precise alignment of components during assembly, ensuring optimal sealing and minimising the risk of leaks over time. Additionally, the availability of screwed, welded, and flanged connections provides flexibility in installation, catering to different piping configurations and project requirements.

  • Optimised Pressure and Temperature Ratings: The design of Master Star Ball Valves is engineered to withstand pressures up to and including Class 800LB (PN100), making them suitable for a broad spectrum of medium to high-pressure applications within the Chemical, Petroleum, and Petrochemical Industries. Moreover, the wide temperature range capability (-200 to 260 degrees Celsius) ensures reliable performance across diverse operating conditions, from cryogenic to high-temperature environments.

  • Bore Options for Flow Control: Offering both full bore and reduced bore options, Master Star Ball Valves provide versatility in flow control, accommodating varying flow rates and system requirements. The availability of different bore sizes, ranging from 1/4" to 2", allows for precise adjustment and optimisation of fluid flow, enhancing system efficiency and performance.

  • Materials Selection for Durability: The construction materials of Master Star Ball Valves are carefully chosen for their durability, corrosion resistance, and suitability for demanding industrial applications. Whether crafted from stainless steel, carbon steel, or corrosion-resistant alloys, these materials ensure longevity and reliability in harsh operating environments, minimising the risk of premature failure and maximising uptime.


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Starline Master Star Ball Valve

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The Master Star Staline Ball Vale is mainly used in the Chemical, Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries and consists of a 3 piece body design in screwed, welded & flanged connections. Forming part of the medium to low pressure range from Starline The Super Star Starline Ball Valve is capable of pressures up to and including Class 800LB (PN100) & Is capable of temperatures ranging from -200 to 260 DegC. Sizes are available from 1/4”-1 1/2”” for Full Bore Ball Valves & 1/2”-2” for Reduced Bore. The Valve design features an anti-blowout shaft, soft seats, ISO5211 drilled mounting pad and is Antistatic/Firesafe approved. The Master Star Starline Ball Valve is available in a variety of Body/Trim Materials. These include 321/316, A105/MONEL, A105/316, F4/F44, LF2/316, 316/316, 316L/316L, MONEL/MONEL & F51/F51 (Other specialist alloys are also available on request)